Welcome to Real Staff UK

RealStaffUKReal Staff UK Ltd, specialises in recruiting temporary and permanent staff . We provide highly competitive hourly rates to our customers due to the unique way the business is set-up. We are a small efficiently run business that draws upon the resources of local government institutions and training bodies to provide large company resources for our clients.

Real Jobs!

We are very excited to start offering the facility to advertise 'Real Jobs' on our website. This is a service our 'employer' customers have been asking about for some time, so after a great deal of research and planning we are now able to accept paid job ads and display them on our new 'Real Jobs!' page.

Financial Stability

We are under written by Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance, which provides accountancy administration and payroll services for our company.
Lloyds TSB Business FinanceThis partnership provides excellent service & financial peace of mind for our customer base.